Benefit of visa exemption certificate

  • Can have multiple trips (up to 90 days) to Vietnam without having to obtain a traveling visa
  • Your foreign born spouse or children can obtain his/her own certificate of exemption
  • Can be used for a period of 5 years
  • Can be issued as a leaflet or attached to your original U.S. passport
  • Can be transferred to a new U.S. passport

What we do:

  • Review your personal circumstances and qualifications 
  • Prepare all the necessarily forms to submit to the proper authority
  • Help you organizing all required documents for submission

General requirements

  • You must have certain documentation to prove your original citizenship of Vietnamese including birth certificate, personal ID (CMND), voting registration card, IDs issued before 1975 *
  • A sponsor who currently holds a valid Vietnam passport to sign a statement for support your original citizenship
  • Copy of your green card or original US passport
  • Your spouse is a Vietnamese at birth and you can provide a valid marriage certificate

* Please us call for details

Service fee & processing fee

Our service fee: $150
Processing fee: N/A