This visa is suitable for:

Academic or language students that want to engage in full-time studying in US

Advantage of a F-1 visa

  • Can legally work on campus as a part-time employee
  • Can travel in and out of US until you complete your study program
  • Can bring spouse/children to US

Disadvantage of a F-1 visa

  • Can't engage in full-time off campus employment
  • Need to attend school/college full-time to keep the visa status
  • Spouse/Children can't work while in US
  • Return to home country upon the completion of the intended studying program

What we do:

  • Review your personal circumstances and qualifications and recommend an appropriate college/university
  • Prepare all the necessarily forms to submit to the proper authority including I-20 and visa application
  • Help you organizing all required documents and records for the visa interview
  • Track your application progress

Basic requirement & qualification

  • Good academic standing status including recommendation letter and earned diploma(s)
  • Need to pass the TOEFL examination with a minimum score level to get admitted to a U.S. college/University
  • Meet the financial requirement including employment, banking, property and tax statements
  • Health insurance coverage and immunization records
  • Support statement from sponsor if applicable

Service fee & processing fee

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Consulate fee: CALL
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