This visa is suitable for:

Business professionals who would like to attend scientific, educational, professional, business or religious conventions, workshops, seminars, research the market, consult with business associates ,settle an estate, or negotiate a contract.

Advantage of a B-1 visa

  • Does not required approval from the USCIS
  • Can attend short-term training courses
  • Allow to extend the duration of the visa
  • Can be obtained quickly at the nearest U.S. embassy in your home country

Disadvantage of a B-1 visa

  • Can't engage in any employment program
  • Can't engage in any form of studying or long-term training program
  • Short visa term, usually can only last between 6 - 12 months
  • Return to home country upon visa expiration

What we do:

  • Review your personal circumstances and qualifications
  • Prepare all the necessarily forms to submit to the proper authority 
  • Help you organizing all required documents and records for the visa interview
  • Track your application progress

Basic requirement & qualification

  • Can cover for the travel/living expense while living aboard
  • Meet certain financial requirements including employment, banking, property and tax statements
  • Have a personal health insurance coverage
  • Specific business plan and support documents for the trip

Service fee & processing fee

Our service fee: $800
Consulate fee: CALL
Processing fee: CALL